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Tour 1 – The giants of “Mont’e Prama

A few Kilometers from Cabras we will find the archeological site of Mont’e Prama. There are diggings in the area which have revealed important stone carvings that are believed to be a celebration of the Nuragic aristrocracy, mostly in perfect conditions.
The tour will also take you on a visit the ruins of the ancient town of Tharros: an archeological site of Phoenician-Punic period. It was built on the peninsula of Sinis where you will have a complete view of the gulf of Oristano.

Length: 250 Km
Tour feauture: cultural
Main attractions:
– Cabras Museum
– Ruins of Tharros

Santa Caterina di Pittinuri

Museo di Cabras


Tour 2 – Miners in Sardinia

The history of mining in Sardinia goes back a long way in history: the Nuragics, Phoenicians and Romans have left many marks of the ancient mining activities. It is estimated that somewhere between 1850 and 1950 the big European capitalists put their money in the development of many mining complexes.
The main biking attraction of the tour is the SS126 which is a sweeping road from Iglesias to Guspini: 60 kilometers of bends and twists in a green landscape with many well preserved buildings of the mining period emerging along the road.

Length: 348 Km
Tour feauture: challenging
Main attractions:
– SS 126 (from Iglesias to Arbus)
– Mining history (Old mining areas visible along the road)

SS 126 Iglesias

Tour 3 – Su Nuraxi

Older than the Romans and contemporary to the Egyptians, the Nuragic civilisation remained in Sardinia for over 2000 years. Nuraghes are beyond doubt the main ancient mark which has been left on the island. There is no place in Sardinia where you can’t find the ruins of at least a Nuraghe.
We will visit the complex of Barumini with the old village developed around the main Nuraghe. It is one of the biggest settlements on the Island, a Unesco world heritage site since 1997.

Length: 226 Km
Tour feauture: cultural
Main attractions:
– Nuragic Village
– Roman baths

Barumini Barumini Fordongianus

Tour 4 – Banking between the granites

The destination of this route is a piece of the national road (SS 125) well known as “The Campuomu curves”
We head towards Cagliari and once almost reached the city, we take the SS 125. After about ten kilometers it become clear, to even the most casual biker, why this road is one of the best motorbike routes of Sardinia Island: Wide curves bring us on higher altitude, with mountains on one side and the Cagliari Gulf on the other one, then the road winds through narrow canyons and granite pinnacles.

Length: 320 Km
Tour feauture: challenging
Main attractions:
– Curves of Campuomu

curve di Campuomu

Tour 5 – The Ogliastra Sea

The destination of this ride is the Torre di Bari beach.The seaside nature of this route should not deceive: The first half of the path is a real motorcycle ride.
The beach is interrupted by a promontory where on top there is one of the many medieval towers of sighting of the Saracen invasions.
For the return way, was chosen a smooth and undemanding road, ideal after hours spent on the beach.

Length: 226 Km
Tour feauture: seaside
Main attractions:
– Torre di Bari beach

Torre di Barì Torre di Barì Torre di Bari

Tour 6 – Supramontes

The destination of the ride is the Supramonte, one of the nature wildest areas of Sardinia. The lunch break is on the plateau above Baunei town, reached via a series of hairpin turns. Farm and wild animals that we may find along the road are approachable without risk. Note: The last 200 meters is on a kind of white road, but easy for every type of bike.
The return way between Baunei and Dorgali is one classic of the Sardinia motorbike rides, 60km of curves between cliffs and canyons.

Length: 230 Km
Tour feauture: sporty
Main attractions:
– Plateau of Golgo
– Curves above Baunei

Altopiano Golgo Altopiano Golgo Strada Baunei - Dorgali

Tour 7 – Looking for the Sea Ox

The Orosei Gulf, due to its “falesie” that can be reached only by boat or going a long way on foot, has been for many years the housing and sanctuary of Monk Seal that locals also call Sea Ox.
It’s an ideal tour for enjoying bathing: at Cala Gonone we will leave our bikes and biking gear in a guarded area and we will board a boat to visit the coast.
We will stop for lunch and to visit the main interesting beaches. Don’t forget your bathing suit!
The way back to the hotel will be easy enough considering the sea excursion.

Length: 171 Km
Tour feauture: seaside
Main attractions:
– Boat trip from Cala Gonone harbor

Golfo di Orosei Golfo di Orosei Grotta del Bue Marino

Tour 8 – The big North

The longest tour of Summer Camp 2016 (387 km) goes to the north through most of Sardinia.
The sweeping roads with very panoramic views will give you the possibility to enjoy speed but always keep alert for pasture animals that might be crossing our path as is typical in isolated rural areas.
After crossing “Massiccio del Limbara” (Limbara Massif) we will reach the coast going through the flat land called “Valle della Luna” (Moon valley): a vast plateau interspersed with amazing granitic rocks.
Farther on we will enjoy the view of the famous Gallura coast before undertaking our ride back to the hotel

Length: 387 Km
Tour feauture: challenging
Main attractions:
– Elephant Rock
– Moon Valley
– Coghinas Lake

Lago Coghinas Roccia dell'elefante Valle della Luna

Tour 9 – Catalunya

The walled town of Alghero was conquered by the Aragoneses in 1354 and they also expelled the locals and repopulated the land with Spanish people. Since then Alghero has been a real Catalan enclave in Sardinia.
After visiting the church “San Pietro di Sorres” we will reach Alghero for lunch.
The coast road Alghero – Bosa (44 km of twists and bends with breathtaking views of coast) will lead us to Bosa where we will stop for coffee before going back to the hotel.

Length: 287 Km
Tour feauture: sporty
Main attractions:
– Church of S. Pietro di Sorres
– Alghero
– Bosa

San Pietro Sorres Bosa Alghero

Tour 10 – Discovering the Heels

Heels of Ogliastra are really spectacular dolomitic limestone mountains. Their name comes from their typical shape similar to the heel of a shoe.
A twisting route along the massif of Gennargentu takes us to the village of Osini; and then through tight and steep bends we arrive to the heel of Osini passing by the gorge known as “Scala di San Giorgio” (Saint George step) . We’ll visit the ghost town of Gairo Vecchio, completely abandoned after the flood of 1951.

Length: 287 Km
Tour feauture: sporty
Main attractions:
– I Tacchi d’Ogliastra (Ogliastra heels)
– Gairo Vecchio

Gairo Vecchia Scala S. Giorgio Villanova Tulo

Tour 11 – Underground Sardinia

Sardinia has a wide caving heritage of over 1500 natural and explored caves (not all open to the public) . The destination of this tour, the cave of Ispinigoli, stands for the presence of a tall column of around 38 m (one of the most impressive in Europe), which joins the vault to the base of the cave.
This tour partially overlaps tour 8 , very challenging for many participants of the Summercamp because of its length .

Length: 235 Km
Tour feauture: sporty
Main attractions:
– Cave Ispinigoli

Grotta di Ispinigoli Grotta di Ispinigoli Grotta di Ispinigoli

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